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A Comprehensive Survey of the Student Travel Market

The Student & Youth Travel Association (SYTA) has released the findings of a landmark, global study to gauge the impact of travel on students and the travel industry. The study sheds light on the tremendous opportunity that exists to enhance learning while creating economic opportunities for cities, attractions, and small businesses. SYTA is committed to helping parents and teachers enable kids to travel, and to provide the safest and most educational experience possible; the research is intended to spark action that will make travel more accessible to more young people.

Study Represents Over 1 Million Students Worldwide

SYTA partnered with StudentMarketing, an independent market specialist in international student travel and a UNWTO Affiliate Member, with individual membership in ESOMAR World Research to conduct a two-year study on the full spectrum of student travel. The study draws from a survey conducted from August, 2015 to November, 2015. The study gathered insights from 1,432 U.S. teachers, 128 U.S. student group leaders, 146 U.S. tour operators, and 437 international tour operators. Collectively, this group has helped over 1 million students travel within the U.S. and overseas.

The study explores the full scope of the student travel experience, probing topics such as top domestic and international destinations, the most popular themes for trips, average spend per trip, as well challenges faced by teachers and trip leaders in organizing these experiences.

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The Social Impact of Travel on Students
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