As an educator, you inspire students to excel academically, socially, and developmentally. Travel is just one of the essential ways to connect and inspire growth within your students. SYTA believes that travel is essential to a complete education. When students have the opportunity to see first-hand the monuments they read about in their history books, speak the language they are learning in school, and perform for an adjudicated board, their level of education reaches heights not possible in the classroom. SYTA is not a travel provider; rather it’s an association that represents the travel companies who provide those services and experiences for YOUR students. Our interest is ensuring you are traveling with a professional travel company who meets and exceeds the requirements of becoming a SYTA member.

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SYTA is dedicated to the continuous enhancement of Student Educational Travel Safety. We share best-practices in an effort to enhance the overall safety standards of all members. SYTA is committed to providing members access to the latest safety technology advancement, practical training, and continued involvement in legislation aimed at improving student travel safety. Our unwavering commitment to safety will solidify our position as the leader in Student Travel Safety. Click here to learn more.

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